Chika Tunic Set

Chika Tunic Set


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. The hand painted Adire chiffon was lavishly decorated to create the luxurious appeal of this two piece tunic set. The tunic is a mid length loose fit dress featuring generous long sleeves with elastic cuffs and drawstring sides allowing the wearer to alter the hemline and sleeves to suit the occasion and mood. The eyelet details on the chest area compliments the flexibility of the overall look. The pants are extra wide leg with pockets. Overall, it is designed for comfort and high end elegance.

. Hand-painted Adire Chiffon Fabric

. 1/4” Eyelets on upper front bodice with a matching cloth rope connecting

. Elastic band on wrists

. Drawstrings on both sides of the dress

. Pants are loose fit

. 10” invincible zip at the side


8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20


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