Based in Nigeria, the idea behind the Rosemary AKwashiki Brand derives from the designer’s strong connection to her African roots and her love for peace and serenity found in water bodies, most especially “lakes”. The choice and significance of predominantly hand-painted or dyed adire fabric serves to credit and highlight the rich cultural history of ‘Adire’.video slots casino These fabrics have been with us since the time of our grandmothers. Each generation interpreted and wore it their own way. From the dye pits in Kano from over 500 years ago to the Ogun state women’s community production of the 20th century, that was the colour it originated with. As an entrepreneurial craft, it was exclusive to women and offered an Avenue for artistic expression and economic opportunities.

While lakes, with their characteristic serenity and soft flow, are always welcoming to both strangers and residents. they embody perfection season in, season out. Each season brings out a side that makes the lake admirable from all views. Although these seasons come with their own colours and feelings, the lakes will almost always have that calming feeling. That inspiration is what Rosemary Akwashiki has decided to take with her to the global fashion stage. Interpreting her simple character and the ambience and beauty of this water body into every soft and comfortable piece she creates. The texture and detail of textile expresses the creativity of the African culture and is subtly expressed and married with other cultures with perfection

The homely and comfortable silhouettes used expresses the elegance and inner strength of lakes. This brand is a blend between the perfection in the layout of lakes and comfort that is much needed in our world of today. Our vision is to create a global brand that inspires simple creativity while connecting the African continent to the world through fashion.

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