The Rosemary Akwashiki brand might be considered simple in silhouette, but it exudes elegance to the woman who wears them.  The RA woman epitomizes an inward-looking, reflective person who rather than losing her originality, keeps learning, evolving, communing, impacting and stabilizing without fading away. A quiet strength, a cultured nature and a tasteful style, all of which embodies homeliness and comfort.

The RA woman is coming into her own awareness of the changes going on in her life, understanding her personality, noticing her temperament, body flaws changes and not in denial about the process and chooses comfort and luxury as a medium of expressing her becoming while highlighting her strengths. Her sphere of influence is global hence the need to appear in niche creativity to own her space and accentuate her unique voice. She is a planner and that is her secret weapon. Therefore, she will best be expressed as a woman of orderliness and as a woman who people are comfortable around.

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