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The tide collection is a tasteful array of elegant pieces designed to add an effortless glint to a lady’s ensemble. The colors are reflective of the brand’s calm, collected elegance. It consists of dresses and jumpsuits cut and finished to perfection. The ruffles and use of slant cuts rather than straight lines are inspired by “flow”. The ruffles mimic waves which in real life create a motion that performs a vital role in transporting energy around the globe. The eyelets and holes on the lace speak of introspection. The patterns are attractive in a welcoming rather than imposing manner. Subtlety and femininity can be felt in the texture in an appreciative not dismissive way. Drawstring detailing on sleeves make the garments more fluid and adaptable. Each outfit can be dressed up or down to reflect the mood as well as the social setting of the wearer. From a garden party to tea with friends to board meetings and exclusive high profile events, there is something to pick from this collection.

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